WPM Moorings

These files contain the locations of the order of 100 club moorings using the portable GPX file format.

The files are suitable for loading into applications like OpenCPN or Google Earth as well as many chart plotters.

Each file contains the same data but with differing labels to suit your usage. You only need one of the files.

GPX files:

To load them into your boat's chart plotter you will need to save the file on to a suitable SD card or USB stick and then use the import function.

Moorings Lists

The following files containing lists of all the moorings.

The positions of the moorings are taken directly from the Marlborough District Council database where possible. Others are provided on a best efforts basis. The Mana mooring positions are dubious, I am trying to get accurate information. The moorings equate to the Waikawa Boating Club Handbook 2016/17 (with some corrections). They include the new and outward bound moorings. See the handbook for details, usage and rules/restrictions.

These files will be updated periodically.

Happy to receive any comments, errors or requests, please email Alan McRae.

All moorings and/or data are used at your own risk. No liability accepted on any grounds whatsoever for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising from or incidental to any use of the moorings and/or this data.

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